What do Clint Eastwood, Ramon Revilla Sr., and Bernie Ecclestone have in common? They're all (super) senior fathers.

Eastwood was 66 when he welcomed his seventh child, while Revilla Sr. was nearly 70 when he became a father yet again. But former Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone trounces both of them by quite a margin. The man who ran Formula 1 for over 40 years will be welcoming an infant at the age of 89.

Ecclestone and his wife, Fabiana Flosi, are expecting this October, just weeks shy of the mogul's 90th birthday (October 28). The couple wedded back in 2012, have a 45-year age gap. It will be a boy, said the two in an official statement. The child will be Ecclestone's fourth but his first with Flosi and also his first son. Bernie has a daughter with first wife, Ivy, and two more daughters, Tamara and Petra, with second wife Slavica Radic.

Once born, Ecclestone's first son will have a 65-year age gap with his first daughter, Deborah. He and Flosi said that it's still too early to give a name to their son.

Ecclestone joins Rod Stewart, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, and Paul McCartney in the list of senior celebrity fathers. As the British billionaire said, age isn't a deterrent for being a father, saying “I don’t see there’s any difference between being 89 and 29”.