Recent reports on the condition of Michael Schumacher states that the F1 legend may be in coma for the rest of his life. Bild, a German newspaper, reported that Schumacher’s condition is so grave and there are no plans of waking him. Schumacher has been in an artificial induced unconsciousness for 18 days and his manager, family, and medical team had not given any statements on his current state. However, German media said the risk of suffering from a brain hemorrhage remain high. 

It is said that a person suffering from a coma will regain consciousness usually within one to two weeks. In contrast to Schumacher’s condition, who has been unconscious for 18 days, neurosurgeon Andreas Zieger of the University Clinic for neurosurgery in Oldenburg told Focus magazine that "there may have been complications." He also urged not to speculate on the current state of Schumacher. Zieger also said, "brain injuries are among the most complicated injuries that can happen to the human body." Predicting whether how long can one be in a state of coma is oftentimes not reliable.

Cologne neurological expert Professor Gereon Fink fears that Schumacher's long coma indicates serious damage to the brain. Fink said that Schumacher’s condition might lead to unilateral paralysis, speech disorders, or even personality changes.

Schumacher's wife, Corinna, and two children continue to pray for the recovery of the F1 legend. Since the accident, Schumacher has undergone two operations and has fresh brain scans during this week.

With Schumacher's horrific accident, race car drivers are now reportedly being banned from potentially dangerous activities like skiing, motocross and riding motorbikes. Red Bull has already banned one of its drivers, Daniel Ricciardo, from surfing at his hometown in Perth, Australia because of the dangers of being attacked by a shark.

Ferrari denies issuing any order to drivers stating 'We trust our drivers to be able to decide what is dangerous and what is not.' We understand that it would definitely be difficult to tell Kimi Raikkonen what to do.

source: Daily Mail