It's easy to hate on any sports personality at the peak of their careers. Take Lewis Hamilton for example. The British driver has been dominating the Formula 1 scene for the past couple of years. Because of that, you hear people saying that he, along with Mercedes-AMG, has made the sport boring to watch.

But last weekend's British Grand Prix was anything but boring in the closing stages. If you haven't heard, the reigning world champion won that race with a flat tire.

Fan or not, you should be amazed at Lewis Hamilton

The first part was rather uneventful save for a few highlights. Alex Albon and Kevin Magnussen collided on the first lap, which sent the latter flying off the track. Then there was Romain Grosjean weaving all over the place to keep his track position, which didn't amuse Carlos Sainz Jr. and Daniel Ricciardo. Daniil Kvyat also had a massive shunt at one of the high-speed corners after a tire went down. At the front, however, it was looking like yet another crushingly dominant performance for Hamilton.

But it was in the closing stages of the race where the excitement levels kicked off. With two laps to go, Hamilton's teammate, Valtteri Bottas, suffered a blown tire. He had no choice but to limp back to the pits and concede second place to Max Verstappen. Then, in the final lap, it was Hamilton's wheel that blew out. The worst part is, he had just passed the pitlane entrance when it happened.

Whether you're a fan of him or not, that last lap incident is proof that Hamilton is quite the wheelman even under dire circumstances. He didn't give up, nursing the stricken Mercedes-AMG as the tire continued to disintegrate. Even as Max Verstappen was coming down on him hard, Hamilton maintained a quick enough pace to keep the Red Bull at bay.

The biggest takeaway from Hamilton's drive that weekend was the way he handled the situation. Tire management is a tough thing to do at race pace, but the six-time champ managed a flat tire. Hamilton was already known for keeping his tires in good shape, but him bringing the car home relatively unscathed also showed his car control skills and adaptability. You also have to admire the people behind Hamilton when the drama unfolded on the last lap. Constant communication and information allowed him to adjust his pace accordingly, all without risking further damage to his car.

Fan or not, you should be amazed at Lewis Hamilton

Even if Hamilton finished second, what happened over the weekend was a truly impressive display of driving. Whether you call it luck or fate, Hamilton's win is one for the history books. He is the first driver in Formula 1 to win with a blown tire. You can add that to the list of achievements he's racked up over the years.

If a flat can't stop Lewis from winning, then what's stopping him from winning a seventh title?