Ferrari, for the first time, has opened a poll to allow fans to choose the name of the 2014 F1 race car.  5 options have been put up on the website and so far, F14 T and F166 Turbo are tied, F14 Scuderia comes in at third and F14 Maranello and F616 pulls up the rear in that order.

The number 14 stands for the 2014 season while Ferrari has already given engine details with 6 and 16 representing the number of cylinders of the 2014 engine and its 1.6-liter displacement.

Within just a few hours, people from 183 countries have gone on line and cast their vote.  The top four in order of votes placed are Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA.  No surprises so far then, but fifth place is worthy of note, being the relatively small nation of Finland, which comes ahead of Russia, with Hungary, France, Germany and Japan completing the top ten.  Clearly, the effect of Raikkonen’s return to Maranello has made itself felt and there has also been an increase in votes from China, because as from today the referendum has got underway there, through the social network Weibo.

Among the more unusual figures of this first 24 hours are twelve votes from Afghanistan, five from Greenland, while on one vote, we have Congo, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Djibuti, Guam, Haiti, New Caledonia, Palestine and the Svalbard Islands.

Ferrari will announce the winning name on January 24 and release teaser photos of the car the day after.