The first-ever turbocharged one-make racecar from Ferrari has just been unveiled. Called the 488 Challenge, the new stallion features an extensively modified chassis, along with better aerodynamics and a tweaked powertrain that meets Ferrari's racing standards.

It is set to replace the outgoing 458 Challenge and is powered by the same 3.9-liter 670 PS twin-turbo V8 found in production models. Compared to the standard 488 GTB V8 however, Ferrari altered the engine mapping of the 488 Challenge and gets shorter gear ratios. This equates to an 11.6-percent increase in acceleration than the normally-aspirated 458 Challenge EVO.

Rear quarter of the Ferrari 488 Challenge racecar

Also, Ferrari tweaked the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox to allow the racecar to reach maximum revs in fourth gear in just six seconds from a standstill. The 488 Challenge's powertrain is also lighter than production cars as Ferrari was able to shave off about 19.7 kg from the engine and 8.5 kg off the exhaust system.

Unique to the Ferrari 488 Challenge are three manetinno switches. The first one adjusts braking while the other two manage traction control and the electronic differential. This will allow drivers to set the car's traction, braking and acceleration to their specific settings.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge officially launched

For aerodynamics, Ferrari claimed they were able to retain the signature look of the 488 by altering only key sections of the racecar. Working closely with the Ferrari Styling Center, the 488 Challenge gets a reworked front radiator that comes with an inverted rake. This improves airflow over the radiators while reducing drag at the same time.

The front bumper, on the other hand, has been redesigned and features a new splitter that generates more downforce, 7-percent to be exact according to Ferrari. Completing it all is a bigger rear wing that features an air foil design similar to the 2016 World Endurance Championship 488 GTE.