A verified tweet went live from Twitter user @FerrariRaces. This tweet announced that the prancing horse will be coming back to Le Mans after 50 years. 

The tweet announcing the comeback also came with an image. In the picture, we see a couple of LED lights, a red center, the company logo, and the famous Prancing Horse. This hints at a new Ferrari hypercar made for the legendary endurance race. The Italians have plans to enter the new top class of the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2023. 

Ferrari takes aim at Toyota’s Le Mans winning streak image

They have racked up 36 victories over the years until the last Scuderia Ferrari roared at Le Mans in 1973. Enzo Ferrari has left the endurance competition to focus more on Formula One. They aren’t strangers to the 24 Hours of Le Mans as they proactively helped in establishing the FIA World Endurance Championship. With their announced return, Ferrari has set its sights on Toyota’s dominance over at Le Mans which recently took home its 5th consecutive championship at the endurance race.

There has been a lot of Le Mans buzz recently. Numerous models have been unveiled as plenty of car manufacturers have been gearing up with their own hypercars for the race series. With Ferrari's return, it would be interesting to see how they perform after a 50-year hiatus.