Ferrari unleashed its 49th single seater to dispute the 2003 Formula 1 Championship at the futuristic New Logistic GES situated at the Fiorano Track. "We feel as this is our most important season ever from a certain perspective," was President Montezemolo's opening remark at the end of the launch of the F2003-GA. The official designation of the car partly follows tradition, while the 'GA' suffix has been added in honour of the late Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli.

Featuring a new chassis, both in terms of design and construction saving weight and improving structure over the previous F2002 chassis. The bodywork, radiators, exhausts and the rear end have been redesigned, leading to a further increase in aerodynamic performance. The mechanically operated power steering is also a new design. The front and rear suspension elements have been revised, to maximise the performance of the Bridgestone tires and to improve the efficiency of the aerodynamic package. New materials have been introduced to reduce the weight and size of the engine and transmission. Like its predecessor, the new 052 engine is load-bearing and is mounted longitudinally. As usual, Shell made a significant contribution to the evolution of the 052, both in terms of fuels and lubricants, to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

While maintaining the same position and longitudinal mounting, the gearbox is completely a new design, achieving both a reduction in dimensions and weight. The gearbox is cast in titanium with seven speeds (plus reverse) and is electro-hydraulically operated with a sequential shift.

In keeping with a trend initiated by Ferrari and now almost universally adopted in F1, the car is fitted with a high level exhaust system, the same layout as seen on the F2002. The car's center of gravity is lower than that of its predecessor, producing a further improvement in weight distribution for both chassis and engine. Ferrari believes that with the F2003-GA we have taken a further step forward maximizing the performance of innovative materials and design while utilizing advanced quality control techniques and philosophies to ensure safety and reliability.