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Ferrari unveils 2017 Formula 1 challenger, the SF70H


Scuderia Ferrari has unveiled their 2017 Formula 1 car at their Fioriano test track in Italy. Called the SF70H, it will be the 63rd single-seater Formula 1 Car that the Italian team has designed and developed to take part in this year's season. With the new regulation changes for 2017 allowing for faster cars, Ferrari has designed the SF70H to work around it.

In hopes of clinching the world title, Ferrari has focused their development of the SF70H on aerodynamics. Focusing on aerodynamics has allowed Ferrari to find the right balance between downforce and drag. To do so, the Ferrari challenger features a new lengthened nose and an arrow shaped front wing along with the fin-like engine cover courtesy of regulations. The so called “shark fin” of Ferrari does feature a horizontal winglet to help with air flow towards the rear wing.

New tire sizes in the regulation change has widened the track of the car allowing for more grip. Other features include a duct at the front which adds to the aerodynamic role. Meanwhile, behind the driver, the roll hoop which incoporates the intake has been redesigned for better air inflow. Suspension likewise has been updated but still retains the push rod design in front with pull rods at the rear.

Ferrari's 062 engine in the SF70H is a definite step forward compared to its predecessor, when it comes to chasing performance, Ferrari says. The layout of some of the mechanical components on the hybrid power unit has been revised, while other areas maintain a similar layout to the 2016 car.

With the abolition of the “Token” system this season, this would allow teams to have more room for development over the course of the season. The room for development could potentially help Ferrari to as the season progresses.

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