If there is any racing team that most drivers want to represent, it's Ferrari. Admittedly, who doesn’t want to fly the colors of the Prancing Horse high whether it be in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) or Formula 1... well, maybe not right now given how uncompetitive the current F1 car is.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do so. But thanks to the rise of sim racing, there is now another way to be a Ferrari factory driver.

The Italian marque will soon be hosting the Ferrari Hublot Esports Series which will be launched in September. The winner of the tournament gets a spot as a member of Maranello’s official esports team and will race for Ferrari next season. For reference, some of the team's current members include Formula 1 Esports Drivers’ Champion Tonizza and Enzo Bonito, a hugely experienced sim racer. Meanwhile, Ferrari’s current Formula 1 driver and ambassador for the series, Charles Leclerc, will be overseeing the competition as well.

The competition will be taking place on the Assetto Corsa simulator. Drivers will then be using the newest Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, which is being made available exclusively to participants of the series.  The first round of the championship is Qualifying for the AM Series starting in September. The winners of this event will join sim racers invited by Ferrari to the PRO Series, a category that features 24 esport drivers. The 12 fastest drivers in each category to emerge from the four October races will go forward to the finals in November where the overall winner will be decided over three races.

Ferrari is looking for a new driver, will it be you? image

Excited at the idea of becoming one of Ferrari’s factory racing driver? You can already register for free at www.ferrariesportsseries.gg.

There is a catch though. At the moment, entry to the Ferrari Hublot Esports Series is reserved solely for European citizens aged 18 and above. Fortunately, Ferrari plans to expand the competition outside of Europe next year. Hopefully it won’t take too long before it becomes available in the Philippines. It would be nice to see a Filipino become one of Ferrari’s factory drivers… even in the realm of esports.