We all got a glimpse of what it's like to be in an F1 car from a driver's perspective when helmet cams were introduced in 2021. We saw how limited the drivers' field of vision was, and how jarring the ride is especially with this year's cars suffering from porpoising. These unfiltered footages, of course, were a huge hit for F1 fans.

As a result, following the FIA Formula One Commission meeting in London, all F1 drivers will be required to have helmet cams beginning next season.

FIA: All F1 drivers to get helmet cams for 2023 image

“Following the trialling of the latest generation of helmet cameras over recent events, they have proved to be a great success, generating significant positive feedback from fans as a valuable addition to the broadcast of Grands Prix. Therefore, it was proposed and unanimously approved to update the 2023 Technical Regulations, mandating the use of these helmet cameras for all drivers from 2023 onwards” said the FIA in their media statement.

Called the “Driver's Eye”, the helmet cam is an FIA-homologated micro camera that has a diameter of 8mm and only weighs 2.5 grams. These are positioned at eye-level on the protective padding inside the driver's helmet.

Currently, F1 drivers wearing helmets from Bell are the ones that have the helmet cams. However, for the 2023 season, the FIA is expected to homologate the helmet cams for other helmet manufacturers.

These helmet cams have come a long way. Just take a look at this photo for good measure, and tell us what you think:

FIA: All F1 drivers to get helmet cams for 2023 image