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FIA begins electronic enforcement of track limits


The FIA has issued warnings to drivers regarding the use of track limits. It has been one of the sport's governing body's point of discussion since the Austrian Grand Prix. The FIA has now announced that it will be monitoring track limits with the use of electronic sensors.

The move also comes after Daniil Kvyat ran over the aggressive “sausage curbs” that led to suspension failure and a spectacular crash. Kvyat emerged unscathed from the incident. Electronic monitoring will be implemented this weekend at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The sensors also aim to reduce the number of drivers cutting the track or going wide at exits for faster lap times.

For the upcoming race, these sensors will be placed at turn 4 and turn 11 in the Hungaroring. In a statement from the FIA, it said, “In turns 4 and 11 the new double kerb has been installed and the artificial grass removed. However, the run-off areas behind the kerbs have been set at the same height as the kerbs themselves, the required deterrent is therefore not present. With this in mind we have installed loops 1.6 meters from the track edge which will alert us when a car has all four wheels off the track in these two locations.”

To prevent incidents similar to Kvyat's, the old “sausage curbs” at Turns 6 and 7 have been replaced by 50mm high steel “Abu Dhabi” style curbs. The grooves on this type of curb is smoother and less aggressive, lowering the risk of suspension damage. 

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