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FIA: Cars with possible failures required to pit-in


New restrictions on radio communication in Formula 1 have been put in place after the Federation Internationale De l'automobile (FIA) recently revised the rules under the Sporting Regulations.

In a statement, if a team warns the driver of a possible problem with the car, the driver is required to enter the pits in order to rectify the problem or retire from the race altogether. The new ruling also aims to curb exploitation of potential safety issues over better performance.

In addition, the FIA stressed that teams should only tell the drivers to go to the pit lane for repairs that was not detected by the onboard software.

The further restriction in team-driver communications was done after Mercedes-AMG Petronas broke radio rules during the 2016 British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Nico Rosberg's W07 Hybrid was hounded by a gearbox problem during the latter part of the race. The team told Rosberg to change the car's settings as well as to avoid using the sixth gear.

Rosberg was able to hold on to his second place finish in Silverstone, just behind teammate Lewis Hamilton. However, the governing body slapped him with a 10-second penalty due to the incident. This decision dropped him to third place, allowing Max Verstappen to secure second.

The revamped regulations will be put to immediate effect at this weekend's 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix.

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