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FIA Formula E announces multiyear partnership with DHL


The FIA Formula E Championship has chosen DHL to be the logistics supplier for the world’s first fully-electric car racing that will begin in September 2014. The Championship will feature single-seater open-wheel cars running purely on electric energy. The announcement of the newly formed partnership came out on September 10 during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

As its first official activity supporting the Formula E, DHL transported two of the Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E cars from Spark Racing Technology in Paris to the revealing ceremony in Frankfurt. All emissions coming from the transportation will be offset via investments in DHL’s GoGreen portfolio of certified international climate protection projects.

For the Championship series, DHL will provide the Formula E a wide range of logistic services with the use of the most efficient and green technology processes available.

 “It (FIA Formula E Championship) provides a global platform for promoting sustainability and the future of mobility, addressing one of the world’s most pressing challenges. As a pioneer in developing environmentally friendly logistics solutions, DHL is committed to the same future as Formula E. With our global sustainability program GoGreen, we have already started to integrate e-mobility into our business. Now, we are proud to be embarking on this journey of further discovery and innovation together with the FIA Formula E Championship,” said DHL CEO Ken Allen.

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