At the qualifying race of rounds 7 and 8 of FIA’s World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) in Hungary, Yvan Muller and his Chevrolet Cruze claimed his second pole position at Hungary. Michelisz managed to place second while Gabriele Tarquini managed to finish third.

Tom Boardman who had posted the 20th fastest lap in Q1, meanwhile had all his times disallowed by the Stewards due to a ride height infringement. He will be demoted to the last spot of the grid for both races.

On the race day itself, former teammates Yvan Muller and Rob Huff have each won a race in the fourth event of the WTCC making Huff win his first race in WTCC in a car other than a Chevrolet. Meanwhile, Muller drove consistently to keep his top spot at the driver’s championship.

Norbert Michelisz tried his best to please his local fans but fell a bit short and ended up as a runner up to Muller on the first race as the French took advantage of his pole position and led the race all throughout. Gabrielle Tarquini meanwhile claimed the third podium spot followed by Rob Huff, Mehdi Bennani, Tom Coronel and Tom Chilton.


Gabriele Tarquini and Franz Engstler were both sent to Budapest’s Military Hospital following the dramatic crash in which they were involved on the first lap of the second race. After the safety car period, reigning world champion Rob Huff dominated the race and claimed his first WTCC victory inside a SEAT car. The podium was completed by Moroccan driver Bennani and Alex MacDowall filling up the second and third place respectively.

Engstler was soon discharged, while the doctors decided to keep Tarquini under observation for the night because he is still suffering from pains at the neck.

The championship will resume in Austria, at the Salzburgring, on May 18 and 19 for rounds 9 and 10.