With the new Nissan Z revealed, people have started modifying the sports car in the digital world. From a simple drop with new wheels to widebody kits, search around the internet, and you’re bound to find a few renders. After all, it will be a while before the aftermarket gets their hands on a few units.

Fil-Am designer Jon Sibal renders new Z for Super GT image

Filipino-American automotive designer Jon Sibal, however, decided to take things to the next level. Rather than a simple modified version, Sibal went all out and imagined what the new Z would look like as a Super GT racer. Needless to say, it looks wild.

The Super GT-inspired Z looks the part and looks ready to take on the great Japanese race tracks, such as Fuji Speedway and Suzuka Circuit. There’s a big wing, vents, and aggressive aero all around. But possibly the best part about the render would be the livery. It’s wearing the original Blue Impul Calsonic livery that adorned the older race-winning Nissan Super GT cars. Its most popular iteration would have to be the Calsonic R32 Skyline GT-R racer from the 90s.

Fil-Am designer Jon Sibal renders new Z for Super GT image

Unfortunately, Nissan no longer uses the Z for its Super GT series. Instead, Nissan fields the current-generation R35 GT-R for both the GT500 and GT300 classes. Previously, however, the automaker did use the Z33-generation model for the race series from 2004 onwards, with the most popular would being the Xanavi NISMO 350Z.

There’s no word yet if Nissan plans to replace the aging R35 Super GT cars with the new Z. But if they do, maybe they should borrow a few design cues from Jon Sibal.