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First images of the 2015 Williams Mercedes FW37 released


Following their success during the 2014 F1 season where the team managed to secured third place in the championship, Williams Martini Racing (WMR) recently revealed the first images of their 2015 Willaims Mercedes FW37 on the cover of Haymarket's F1 Racing Magazine.

According to WMR Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds, the FW37 is to be an improvement of the design and performance of the FW36 that competed last season. Symonds added that the aerodynamics of the car were fine but there was always room for improvement and they needed to adjust the car to 2015 noise regulations.

“The first conceptual stage of the FW37 came before the FW36 had turned a wheel. The main element to this is understanding the rule changes and how they will affect the design of the car, from here we can start see if our ideas will fit within the regulations,” said Symonds.

With regulations easing up during the 2014 season, WMR was able to work on the FW37 so that it it'd be able to meet 2015 standards in time. The FW36 had design barriers which according to Symonds carried reasonable amounts of ballast so the team was able to alter the design in order to have added performance without adding additional weight. A few hurdles hampered the design team as the change in regulations meant that the team had to change the front bulkhead and nose geometry.

The engine that the Williams Mercedes FW37 will use is presumably the Mercedes hybrid powertrain that the team used during the 2014 season.

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