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Formula 1 lays out changes for 2021


A few days ago, Ferrari threatened to leave Formula 1 should the sport push through with the proposed changes to the engines. These changes revolve around the power unit regulations and the restriction of development costs to level the playing field.

In their proposal, it states that they will retain the 1.6-liter, V6 turbo arrangement. However, they propose to add an additional 3,000 rpm to the rev range to 'improve the sound'. They also propose the removal of the MGU-H or Motor Generator Unit-Heat which serves as an additional source of energy to recharge the hybrid boost system.

To compensate for the loss of MGU-H, Formula 1 will allow more powerful MGU-K units 'with focus on manual driver deployment'. They add that the new MGU-K unit gives the drivers the option to save up energy over several laps to 'give a driver controlled tactical element to racing'.

In their statement, Formula 1 says, 'The overall framework for the 2021 power unit definition will be published by the FIA at the end of 2017, though design and development will not be possible until all information is released at the end of next year, thus ensuring manufacturers continue to work on the current specification unit.'

Another proposal is setting parameters to 'restrict development costs' in order to 'discourage extreme designs' from large teams. The sport also seeks standardized energy storage units and electronic control units, as well as engine, chassis, transmission swap capability. Besides proposals to the engine and chassis, there will also be tighter fuel regulations and limits.

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