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Formula 1 logo gets a new look for the 2018 season


Since 1987, Formula 1 has stuck to using the trademark red, white and black logo that most people watching the sport, have come to know. Now after 23 year, we must bid farewell to that iconic logo as a new F1 logo has been revealed.

Slated to be used at the start of the 2018 season, the new logo was revealed shortly after the podium ceremony at the 2017 season finale in Abu Dhabi. It features a more simple design compared to the previous one, simply having 'F1' in red and slanted. The design is said to have taken inspiration from two F1 cars going racing towards the finish line.

This change in logo marks the most visible change since Liberty Media became the commercial rights holder of the sport a year ago. Formula 1 chiefs explained that the change in logo came because they feel as though old one was not updated for modern use. The new simple and clearer logo would allow the sport to be marketed more easily to the currently more mobile and digital world.

Together with the new logo's reveal, Formula 1 will also be undergoing a brand relaunch that will take place prior to start of the 2018 season in Australia. F1 commercial chief Sean Bratches announced that the relaunching of Formula 1 marks a new era for the sport. He furthere added that the sport will soon be introducing a new graphic package together with a new web platform amongst other upcoming changes.  

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