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Formula 1 scraps radio restriction rule


Following criticism after the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix, the Formula 1 Strategy Group has agreed to scrap the radio restriction rule. This was made in response to what drivers and teams believe to be the “over-regulation” of the sport. The more “liberal” radio rules will be set in place this weekend at the 2016 German Grand Prix in Hockenheim.

Last weekend, Jenson Button asked his team how to get his car back to the pits safely following a power unit failure that made his brakes unusable. He was penalized for asking the team for assistance and subsequently retired from the race. Button later expressed his displeasure regarding the new rule to various media outlets.

Under the new and clarified rules by the F1 Strategy Group, the stewards will loosen team radio restrictions from this weekend onwards by adopting “a more liberal approach” to the interpretation of the rule that drivers must drive the car “alone and unaided”. In addition, there will be no limitations on messages teams send to their drivers either by radio or pit board. However, the communications restriction will be between the start of the formation lap and the start of the race.

In their statement, the Formula 1 Strategy Group said, "This approach is aimed at providing improved content for fans and spectators, as teams will now be required to provide the Commercial Rights Holder with unrestricted access to their radio messages at all times that their cars are out of the garage."




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