Alejandro Agag, the CEO of the Formula E holdings, has outlined his plans for the 2015-2016 season of the fully-electric FIA Formula E Championship in which he hopes to attract “three or four” manufacturers making it a center of electric vehicle development and to gain world championship status.

Agag said he plans to move away from a one-make format and open up regulations to allow full manufacturer invovlement. He adds that participating teams will have the opportunity to develop their own powertrains and batteries for the second season.

"In year two the teams will be able to build their own batteries and their own motors. They could build their own whole car if they wanted. [However] the regulations are quite strict and they don’t allow a lot of development in aerodynamics, but they do allow development in motor and battery. I would hope that we have three or four different makers of motors and batteries in the championship for year two," Agag said.

With this, Formula E can attain world championship status if four manufacturers are involved in the second season as stated under Federation International de l'Automobile (FIA) rules.

"There is a condition of a world championship to have a certain number of manufacturers; you cannot be a world championship as a one-make series. We hope to attract manufacturers, meet the conditions and hopefully the FIA will grant us world championship status," Agag added.