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Formula E conducts successful run in the Arctic


The future of motorsport racing could lie in electricity. With burned fossil fuel still contributing greatly to global warming, the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Formula E Championship recently ran an all-electric racecar in the Arctic ice cap to prove a point.

This was done as an effort to raise awareness regarding the effects of global warming. Formula E joined forces with Julius Baer, Visa, DHL, Schaeffler, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Mumm Champagne House.

Brazilian Formula E-driver, Lucas di Grassi recently performed on the ice cap inside the Arctic circle just north of Greenland to capture the world's attention about the escalating threat posed by the melting ice cap to global sea levels and the benefits of the electric car technology.

“I have four children and the future of the planet depends on how we can control the effect that human life is having on the environment and the climate. That is why I think climate change is very important to address, to control, to face, and everyone can do something. We do something for motorsport, other people can do something from whatever they do in their lives,” said Alejandro Agag, Formula E CEO.

The event was made possible with the cooperation and assistance of the Greenland government and Southampton University wherein a tracking beacon was placed in an iceberg that had broken away from the ice sheet allowing the climate scientists to comprehend the behavior of these ice sheets as they return back to the sea.

“I fully support the bold and ambitious activity that Formula E has undertaken as a way of raisingawareness of the effect climate change is having on the ice cap in Greenland. My Foundation recognizes the role that electric vehicles can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and believes that Formula E can inspire a new generation of motorists and potential motorists to ‘drive electric’ and help in the fight against global warming through high-profile actions like this,” said HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

On November 13, a 48-minute documentary regarding on how the event was put together will be shown at COP22 in Marrakesh, Morrocco. Meanwhile, Formula E will also be present for the inaugural Marrakesh ePrix in the North African country.

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