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Formula One GP 2013: Vettel seals World Championship in India


Sebastien Vettel sealed his fourth consecutive World Championship title in India on October 27, 2013. His performance with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team makes him the youngest Formula One driver to accomplish such feat. Aside from Vettel’s achievements, the team also claims the consecutive four-time Constructors’ World Champions.

Vettel qualified for the pole position with a lap time of 1:24.119 with Nico Rosberg following him at second, and teammate Mark Webber on fourth. Vettel’s contender for the top position, Fernando Alonso, was unable to snatch the lead from Vettel, and was restricted to an 11th place finish. Vettel continued to dominate the race, and claimed his win after the checkered flag was waved.

Statistics show that the German champion leads the drivers with 322 points. He is followed by Alonso with 207 points, Raikkonen with 183 points, Hamilton with 169 points, and teammate Webber with 148 points. As for the team rankings, Red Bull Racing leads with 470 points, followed by Mercedes with 313 points, Ferrari with 309, and Lotus-Renault with 285.

The race track in India spans 5.125 km where the drivers had to make 60 laps around it. The best lap record holder in the Buddh International Circuit is still held by Vettel who clocked in 1:27.249 during the  2011 season.

Following the win in India, Vettel still has to complete three more races of the 19-round 2013 Formula One season. These races will be in Abu Dhabi (November 1-3), United States (November 15-17), and Brazil (November 22-24).

“It was for sure not an easy season and even though people on the outside thought we had it in our hands, I think it was difficult. It was a tough season for me personally, to receive boos even though we haven't done anything wrong; to overcome that and give the right answer on the track and get acceptance makes me very proud. To join people like Prost, Fangio and Michael is unbelievable. I think this is one of the best days in my life so far. There are so many people that I have to thank; I've always tried to listen and learn and it's incredible to race some of the best drivers in the world,” said Sebastien Vettel of his win.

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