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Geneva 2018: Nissan joins Formula E as first Japanese manufacturer


Thanks to their close-knit partnership with Renault, Nissan will sub out the French manufacturer in Formula E to compete in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. This makes them the first Japanese manufacturer to ever compete in the sport. Following their vehicle’s unveiling at Geneva, Nissan’s Global Motorsport director Michael Caramo elaborates further on their move to participate in the EV motorsport.

"The age profile of FE fans is much younger than it is for F1 or other motorsports. That’s important because when people talk about the declining interest of millennials in driving – why is that? We have to give them another alternative. We have to give them more solutions. We want to find mobility options for young people living in big cities," said Caramo.

Through Formula E Nissan can get to grips with a much younger audience and understand just how the next generation perceives motorsports as a whole.

On the flipside, the Japanese manufacturer is keen to test out new technologies for future applications into their products as well. Using the newly unveiled Gen2 Formula E car, Nissan is likely going to be in for development of batteries and other EV tech throughout the season. The car itself now uses a new battery that allows one vehicle to carry on throughout the entire race. This system then does away with the car swapping we’ve been accustomed to during Formula E races.

Caramo continues further, “For us it’s about innovation – we don’t race just to race. We race because racing is exciting and innovative. You put those together with the Gen2 Formula E car for season five and it really starts to hit all the right marks for us. Now is the right time. We have increased battery time with the Gen2 car, more power, and that’s all in one with road car technology.”

With Nissan now in the Formula E fray and with cars supposedly lasting the entire race, will the sport begin to pick up more traction and a wider fanbase?

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