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Go open top rallying in this Jaguar F-Type rally car


Introduced back in 2013, the Jaguar F-Type was meant to be the spiritual successor of the iconic E-Type built in the 60s and 70s. That being said, the F-Type was intended to be more of road-going sports car or a weekend track machine. The British marque recently decided however to take it rallying. To be specific, Jaguar has built two F-Type Convertible rally cars in order to celebrate the brand's 70 years of sports car heritage.

To be specific, the two F-Type rally cars are built in homage to the Jaguar XK120 introduced in 1948, which particiapted in various rally races in the past. As for the rally-spec F-Types however, these aren't specially built one-off models. The tribute rally cars are based off the standard F-Type Convertible and uses the recently introduced entry-level 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine which produces 300 PS.

Handling the transformation of the F-Types was Jaguar Design and Engineering. A host of parts inlcuding larger brakes, upgraded suspension with built three-way competition dampers and softer springs were added. There's also a limited-slip differential that helps deliver power on loose surfaces. Meanwhile, a hydraulic handbrake helps the driver move the car around hairpins and twisty bits. Hood-mounted auxiliary lights then help light the way in the dark.

Inside, a roll cage and fire extinguisher was fitted along with fixed bucket seats and six-point racing harnesses in order to improve driver safety. Considering there is no roof, these are much needed modifications.

These convertible rally cars aren't just meant for show though. The video above shows Jaguar properly driving these cars hard on the rally stage. More so, the pair will even embark on tours soon.

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