Keith Bryan Haw steered the BYD F0 to the top of the podium in the last leg of the 2014 Philippine Micro Series at the Final Showdown event in Clark International Speedway. Haw trumped seasoned racers Mark Peter Thomann in a Toyota Wigo and Mackie Cañete in a Suzuki Cappuccino.

Haw lapped consisent 2 minute 39 second times in the Time Attack competition outrunning the competition by at least 3 seconds a lap.

“The car performed flawlessly - its engine didn’t skip a beat and the obedient handling made steering it around Clark so effortless. All I had to do was stay out of trouble and it paid off. I must thank the entire BYD team for putting together such an excellent effort and, more importantly, I am grateful to my best friend and BYD boss, Mark Tieng, for giving me this opportunity to show what the BYD F0 can do on the track,” said Haw.

BYD F0 race car duels with a Toyota Corolla

In the Grid Race, the BYD F0 kept its blistering pace storming ahead of its Micro Series class rivals to challenge more powerful cars like Toyota Corolla and Vios, Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Jazz and Civic to secure its first ever win on the racetrack.

“When I moved ahead of Thomann's Toyota and Cañete's Suzuki, I decided on driving a tactical race by being consistent enough to finish in front of them. As the race progressed, I noticed my pace improve and passed some of the Grid D cars.” Haw shared.

“The BYD F0’s win exceeded all my expectations for the car. When we finished second on our maiden outing a few months back, I was elated. With today’s win, I was totally blown away. My hat’s off to everyone on the team for doing a great job and for showing everyone here just how competitive our world-class product is against the more established automotive brands,” said Mark Tieng, BYD Philippines managing director.

The BYD F0 race car is based on a standard F0 production car with only external modifications done to the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine, suspension upgrades, a roll cage and a stripped down interior.

BYD F0 race car

The BYD F0 race car is supported by BYD Auto, Solar Sports, Jack TV,, Advance Paper Corp., Linde Werdelin, Eneos, Auto Junction, 12 Monkeys, Shacman Motors, DPE Engineering, Atoy Customs and GT Radial.