Civic Type R FL5 finally coming to GT7 update 1.38

Gran Turismo 7 will have a new update that's going live today, September 28. But it's not just a matter of GT7 having new cars and refined features. There's a new challenge for e-sports gamers that's similar to Nissan's GT Academy and Toyota's Gazoo Racing GT Cup.

Honda is staging its very first global e-sports event called the "Honda Racing eMS GT Fastest Attack 2023". We assume the eMS stands for e-MotorSport, as Honda is putting up a time attack challenge within Gran Turismo 7's Sport Mode, and the car is no other than the FL5 Civic Type R. Yes, the latest Civic Type R generation is finally arriving in GT7.

Honda enters e-sports with Civic Type R GT7 Challenge image

As for the time attack challenge itself, there will be a pair of time trials that are based on the Civic Type R's real-world front-wheel drive records. Players will have to beat the real-life lap record in the Suzuka Circuit as well as the Nurburgring Nordschleife using a bone stock FL5, and wearing Sports Hard tires. The time to beat at Suzuka is 2:23.120, while you need to go under 7:44.881 around the Nordschleife.

Further event details should be available once the update goes live, and it's not yet clear if players can enter both time trials. What we know as of now is that gamers who beat the event will receive a certificate sent via email to the registered address for their PSN accounts.

Honda enters e-sports with Civic Type R GT7 Challenge image

Each time trial is open from September 28 to October 29 for GT7 players worldwide. On the other hand, Honda is staging a live event that's limited to players in Japan, where the finals will take place at Honda's Welcome Plaza on December 10.

The weekend is coming. This means it's a good time to fire up those PlayStations, download the update, and answer Honda's time attack challenge.