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Honda unveils the new ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe


Honda Performance Development along with Wirth Research has jointly developed the ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe, which is fully compliant with ACO LMP2 regulations and actually "exceeds the latest safety standards of the new enclosed-cockpit configuration."

To allow for further and easier customization, the ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe has 'Quick Change' front and rear body panels.

Although exact specification numbers have not yet been released, we know that the ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe uses a twin-turbo 2.8-liter V6 engine and it will sport a new drive-by-wire throttle system along with a fresh air valve system that to eliminate turbo lag.

The Honda ARX-04b will be ready for shipment customer racing teams next year and will be eligible to compete in IMSA, WEC, ELMS and Asian Le Mans Series events.

"We are very excited for our new HPD ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe to see the light of day, combining all of our successes in international sportscar racing with the very latest regulations for closed-cockpit prototypes.  We are confident that our latest iteration of the HR28TT engine and its associated systems will satisfy even the most discriminating drivers and power the new HPD ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe to even greater successes around the world," said Steve Eriksen, Vice President of Honda Performance Development.

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