What do you get when you mix radical styling, lightweight construction and powerful motors? One sweet race car that is agile, swift and stylish. Say hello to the Italian-built Spice-X SX1. Built and designed to bring EV racing to the masses, the Spice-X is a collaboration between several companies and features an aerodynamic design powered by two electric motors.

The car itself was designed by Fabrizio Pepe of Mastery Design and features a lightweight chassis. In fact, the whole car only weighs in at 600 kg. In terms of size, the SX1 only measures 3,827mm long and 1695mm wide.

Italian-built electric race car ready to bring EV racing to the masses

Over to its design, the SX1 appears to have taken inspiration from Formula E and LMP1 race cars. It has a wraparound cockpit with a glass canopy for the driver. Meanwhile the front fascia looks to have been designed to slice through the air. Sculpted wheel arches, on the other hand, serve to allow air to go over the SX1. Finally, it has a huge rear wing, a diffuser-like rear bumper and LED taillights.

Exact specifications of the Spice-X SX1 were not yet revealed; however, it does get its power from two electric motors that drive the rear wheels. Each motor is capable of producing nearly 41 PS which allows the lightweight racer reach a top speed of 160 km/h or 210 km/h, depending on the variant. In addition, the SX1 can come with either 160 or 400 Nm of torque depending on the choice of two battery packs; 330 volts or 450 volts.

Italian-built electric race car ready to bring EV racing to the masses

There are no details yet when will the company offer the lightweight zero-emissions race car to customers.