In preparation for the 2005 motorsports season, competitors in the Jazz Vtec Media Challenge are scheduled to have a track day on August 27 at the Carmona Racing Circuit. Aside from refreshing their performance driving skills, the session is also intended to orient them to the more challenging discipline of circuit racing.

Since 1998, the Honda Media Challenge has been a most awaited event among media personalities covering the motoring beat. This time-trials competition has allowed them to test not their writing and hosting skills in this event but their driving abilities. Representatives from various local media outfits battle it out to gain bragging rights for being the best drivers in the field.

This year, organizers of the 2005 Jazz Vtec Media Challenge have upped the ante as the races move from the dirt and semi-permanent tracks to a very technical circuit track. Speed will no longer be the main objective as the competitors now need to plan every move in every corner of the 1.2-kilometer circuit in Carmona, Cavite to gain those much-coveted points to win the event. The journalists will also have to answer to more rigid rules with large demerits for every wrong move.

To prepare competitors for the four-round series, a Track Day has been scheduled for Saturday, August 27, at the Carmona Racing Circuit. There will be four races scheduled for this series: September 24, October 29, November 19 and December 3. Racing legend Pocholo Ramirez, the acknowledged father of Philippine circuit racing, will be the race director for the series.

To top it off, Honda Cars Philippines will make available four units of the new 1.5-liter Honda Jazz VTEC as official competition cars. Now the top car in the domestic market in terms of fuel efficiency, the Honda Jazz will be performance-tested for its stability, reliability and safety.

Petron Xtra Unleaded will be the official fuel, providing "power for extra miles."