Following the announcement of his departure from Formula One after the 2016 season, it appears Jenson Button has no plans of leaving motorsport entirely for good. Given his ties with Honda, he may likely end up running several races in Super GT or in the US-based Global Rallycross (GRC) series.

While racing may still be in the cards for the brit next season however, Button says he has no plans of participating in a full season for either discipline. A full-time seat in Super GT would have likely been possible, but the former world champion only confirmed that he will participate in Super GT’s headlining event: The 1000km race Suzuka. Since teams hire a third driver for the event, Button can slot right in and get a feel for the race altogether.

On the other end, Jenson have made his intentions clear with regards to running GRC with Honda as well. Honda currently fields a Civic Coupe backed by Red Bull, with drivers Sebastian Eriksson and Joni Wiman at the helm.

“I might do the Suzuka 1000 kilometres Super GT,” said Button. “It would be nice if that works out, but it’s logistics really.

"Apart from that, I might do some rallycross in America, and do some testing in something else in rallycross. There’s lots that I can do, and I’ve just got to choose how much I really want to do next year, or have more of a rest.”

Since Button still has ties with McLaren however, it’s also a possibility that he could get a seat for their other touring car programs as well. Now however, it appears Honda is very keen on providing the McLaren driver with seats in their vehicles for races next season.