Denso-Hanjin-Joson F3 went into the final rounds of the series with an unsurmountable points lead for the Team Championship of the Promotions Class. Driver Moreno Soeprapto wrapped up the 2005 Asian Formula 3 Promotions Class Driver Championship of the year at the 11th Round of the Series held at the Batangas Racing Circuit.stockinger-to-carry-rp-banner-anew-at-world-kart-finalNeeding only one-point to clinch the title, Team Principal Richard Joson instructed Soeprapto to simply take it easy and secure his point by finishing the race. Although in cruise control mode, the Indonesian still managed to clinch 2nd place finishes for both rounds 11 and 12. This extended the driver and team points lead further.

"We are looking forward to defending our title next year and hopefully challenging the International Class title as well. Hopefully, this result will help Moreno (Soeprapto) get the necessary support from his sponsors to rejoin the Team next year in the International Class," said Richard Joson.

"In the meantime we are looking forward to testing a few new candidates from Japan and Europe that are also aspiring to drive for the Team in 2006. We are going to test drivers as early as December thru March next year. We are only finalizing the actual dates which will be convenient for the team and the drivers," Joson further added.

DENSO-Hanjin-Joson F3 Racing is supported by DENSO Iridium Power, Hanjin Shipping, MOF Shipping, Sagawa Express, Allen Isidro Autobody,, and Compass Internet.