Following a teaser and an engine reveal last year, KTM and Reiter Engineering recently announced that they will roll-out the first X-BOW GT4 this month and by March, they will commence the SRO 'Balance of Performance' test to check if the car meets the standards of the 2015 SRO GT4 and Pirelli World Challenge GT-S classes.

Hans Reiter, owner of Reiter Engineering stated that he is satisfied with the X-Bow GTR's development and construction and even assured that it will be ready in time for the Balance of Performance test.

"First of all I have to compliment all those who have been involved at KISKA, at KTM Technologies and the KTM Sportcar GmbH who have all worked without a break, just as my own people have really done a perfect job in the shortest possible time. We are now in the end phase and if we can keep almost exactly to our self imposed, extremely tight schedule, it is looking good. In keeping with this program, the first tests are planned in mid to late February," said Reiter.

As for the price and specifications of the car itself, Reiter added that with its current price tag, he claims that they were able to make an attractively-priced race car that is both modern and safe.

"The GTR features the most advanced racing technology, which is normally only the case in higher categories. And in matters of safety, the monocoque technology offers the most unique protection ever in this class up to this point in time. In addition, thanks to the special construction of our latest racing car, the ‘running costs’ are kept within encouraging limits," added Reiter.

It will be available for customer teams to buy starting on April and is retailed at EUR 139,000 (about PHP 7 million).