Flat Out Race Series Inc. recently held the 2014 Challenge of Champions last December 6, 2014 at the Batangas Racing Circuit in Rosario, Batangas. The time attack event pitted 14 drivers, who were all previous champions and winners of the Circuit Showdown Series, in a race against the clock to see who was able to achieve the best time while behind the wheel of the official 'spec car' - a BYD F0. With just one car to be used, drivers had to rely on their skill alone in order to get their best time.

Clocking his way to first place was Bracket D champion Al Jeffrey Lacambra with a time of 2:13:458 while finishing second was 2010/2011 Bracket A/Open Class champion Mark Thomann who was able to lap a time of 2:14:199. Taking third place was 2014 Bracket E champion Jem Qerimit that completed the track with a time of 2:14:440.

The podium winners were surprised that the BYD F0 performed surprisingly well and remained solid throughout the event.

“The F0 was refreshing! Usually we have unknown brands that are not really that good. When you drive it on the circuit, it feels solid,” said Lacambra.

Second place winner Thomann on the other hand said that the F0 was fun to drive and is very nimble. An organizing member of the Flat Out Racing Series himself, he was also thankful for BYD's support in racing events.

“BYD's support has been incredible. Imagine providing us with a car for champions to use – 14 champions using one car and it never flinched. And the performance was really incredible! It never changed! Lap times kept going down, meaning that the car was getting better as it went along. We're really thankful that BYD has taken the initiative in helping us,” said Thomann.

Qerimit, who finished third place was also pleased with the F0 as he did not expect the car to be that agile around corners.