Maria De Vilotta, one of the few women that are privileged and talented enough to drive an F1 car is now back with a smile and better view of her life even after losing an eye after a near fatal accident last July.

The Spanish F1 driver suffered a fatal accident when she crashed into a parked truck while conducting test runs for F1 team Marussia, splitting her helmet into two and eventually had to have her right eye surgically removed.

De Vilotta broke her silence since the accident happened and was featured in an interview with a Spanish magazine 'Hola'. She says confidently: "Now I have just one eye maybe I perceive more things than before. Before this, my life was a race against the clock, and now I see you have to stop and measure things in a different way."

Officials are still investigating on the accident up until now but De Vilotta confidently said "We won this race because I’m alive. It would be comforting to know that, with regard to the future, I have managed to improve safety."