Lamborghini is no stranger to building unique, limited-run hypercars. The Italian supercar builder has released a number of limited-edition models over the years. Its newest one, however, will be a special track-only hypercar. More importantly, it will pack an 830 horsepower V12 engine and will be built by Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the fancy name for its motorsports department.

At the moment, there are only a few details about the vehicle in question. In fact, we don’t even know the name of the hypercar in question just yet. The biggest and best detail we know is that the track-only racer will have a naturally aspirated V12 with 830 horsepower. Considering how Lamborghini builds its limited-run models, it is very likely this is the same V12 found in the Aventador albeit tweaked to produce more power. A six-speed sequential transmission then sends power to the wheels. Other powertrain details include a new carbon-fiber monocoque with an aluminum front frame and a steel roll cage for the engine.

Aside from the powertrain details, Lamborghini has only released a shadowy teaser photo and a short video of the said model. Though it's hard to make out the details, it appears the track-only hypercar will not have headlights. Interestingly, the front has a bit of a wedge shape while the window and roof line looks similar to the Aventador. At the rear, there’s a massive rear wing and an aggressive diffuser hiding in the shadows. Keen-eyed readers would also notice the large intake scoop above the roof.

There’s no word how many units of Lamborghini’s track-only hypercar will be built. Considering how little Lamborghini usually builds of their limited-run model, expect this to be very rare.