Sebastien Loeb and Sora Racing recently joined forces to create the LAS Motorsport racing team, along with a new LMP3 race car that will used for the 2015 season. The LMP3 will be a full safety closed-top, 2 seater car that will be available in two versions, an ACO regulated LMP3 version running on 420 PS and a LMP 'Challenge' version with 500 PS.

The side profile of the LAS Motorsport LMP3 car

The rendered image provided by LAS Motorsport previews the race car of having an exterior mostly painted in white and has a green and gray livery. It has a T-shaped front end equipped with a body spoiler while the rear has sharp lines that guide air onto the huge rear wing.

Aerial shot of the LAS Motorsport LMP3

Providing power to the LMP cars is a Nissan sourced engine that was previously mentioned to be available in either 420 PS or 500 PS ratings. The LMP3 version will be eligible for use on both the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) and Asian Le Mans Series (AsLMS) while the 'Challenge' version will be offered to track day enthusiasts that would like to try a Le Mans Prototype, albeit a cost-effective one.

The cars built by LAS Motorsport aims to what the racing team calls a "a low-cost, turn-key and easy to drive prototype."