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Lewis Hamilton takes the checkered flag at 2015 Italian Grand Prix


Both Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes AMG F1 Petronas inch closer to the championship after the British racing driver secured his seventh victory of the season at this year's Italian Grand Prix.

Mercedes AMG's win however was questioned after the Federation Internationale d'lAutomobile (FIA) announced that one of Hamilton's tires during the race was 0.3 PSI below the limit which violated technical regulations.

In the end, however, Mercedes and Hamilton kept their Italian Grand Prix victory after FIA ultimately decided that the team did not do anything wrong.

“This weekend has been just fantastic. A perfect weekend for me - I can't remember one like it. This race is so special for every driver. When you stand up on that podium it's so emotional. It's a really proud moment to be up there in front of that sea of fans and to walk in the footsteps of so many great drivers who have won here,” said Hamilton.

Ferrari's bid to outpace Mercedes went off to a bad start after Kimi Raikkonen failed to keep up with the pack and was left behind at the back of the grid. Sebastien Vettel tried to keep up with the Briton, but Hamilton proved to be untouchable in Monza, securing a lap time 1:18.00 at the final lap.

Williams' drivers Felipe Massa and Valterri Bottas contended with one another during the latter part of the race in a bid to secure third place. Felipe Massa proved to be the better of the two as the Brazilian was able to hold off the Finnish driver, winning the 2015 Italian Grand Prix in third place.

The 'Iceman' who had a troubled start was able to finish the race on a relatively good note as Raikkonen finished the race in fifth place, overtaking Force India's Sergio Perez with just 6 laps to go. Fellow Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg landed a seventh place victory while Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull Racing finished eighth place.

Completing the top ten finishers in the 2015 Italian Grand Prix were Marcus Ericsson of Sauber and Daniel Kyvat Red Bull Racing, finishing the race in ninth and tenth place respectively.

Hamilton's teammate Nico Rosberg did not fare well and had to retire with just three laps to go after his engine caught on fire. Mercedes-Benz will soon be investigating what caused it to fail.

“This weekend was very tough for me. There were just too many problems with my car which made it impossible to fight for the win. It hurts a lot when you have to retire with just two or three laps to go. A few corners earlier, I felt already that I had lost some power but was still hoping I could make it,” said Rosberg.

Hamilton increases his lead in the Driver Standings with 252 points and is followed by Rosberg who has 199 points. At third is Ferrari driver Sebastien Vettel that was able to muster 178 points. Over to the Constructors Standings, Mercedes holds a commanding lead with 451 points while Ferrari and Williams have 270 and 188 points accordingly.

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