British driver Lewis Hmilton has won the 2014 Formula One drivers' championship after finishing ahead of the pack during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

With this, Hamilton joins the exclusive circle of British drivers including Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart who won more than one world title.

Hamilton got his first world title in 2008, but he said that his latest win is the greatest feeling he ever had.

"I can't really explain how much this means, but it means more than the first one. This is the greatest day of my life. 2008 was special, but the feeling I have now is way past that. It's the greatest feeling I have ever had," said Hamilton.

Hamilton entered the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with a 17-point lead over his teammate Nico Rosberg. He only needed to finish in second place to seal the championship. On the other hand, Rosberg started the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from pole position and needed Hamilton to finish third so that he'll ba able to earn the world title.

However, Hamilton took the lead at the start and controlled the race while Rosberg had a car trouble that caused him to finish in 14th place.

Lewis Hamilton crosses the finish line

As Hamilton crossed the chequered flag, Prince Harry, who attended during the race congragulated him for his achivement.

"Lewis, well done for not making the British public sweat. You are an absolute legend," said Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, Brazilian driver Felipe Massa finshed in second place ahead of his Williams teammate Valtteri Bottas.