Along with Marlon Stockinger's news on his progress with Lotus' F1 Junior Team,the young Pinoy-Swiss race car driver announced that the Lotus F1 team will be treating their Filipino motorsport fans with the Lotus F1 Roadshow that's set to happen on May 4-5 in Manila.

When asked where in Manila will the event be, Marlon only answered: "kilometer zero", which means that it will be held on Roxas Boulevard right infront of the the Rizal Monument.

According to Marlon's father, Thomas Stockinger, the team will be bringing in its F1 car for Marlon to drive in. Aside from the main race car, a spare F1 car, a couple of F1 simulators, and a two-seater F1 car will also be brought in by the team and will be giving select individuals a chance to ride with the Pinoy race driver.

Marlon Stockinger with Team Principal Eric Boullier

Along with the cars, Stockinger also announced that some members of the team is expected to grace the show like F1 Team Principal Eric Boullier together with one of Lotus' F1 driver.

Lastly, Marlon hopes that the roadshow will spark the Filipinos' interest with motorsports and eventually result to more pinoys competing in both local and international motorsports just like him.

Care to make a guess which Lotus F1 driver will make an appearance? Stockinger did say Kimi was his favorite driver.