Lotus had just launched its E21 Formula 1 car at their Enstone factory. The launch was streamed live from the team's official YouTube channel.

The E21 car has few changes from the previous season's race car, aside from skipping the option to fit a non-structural 'vanity panel' on the car's nose, the front and rear suspension layouts are revised to for better aerodynamic purposes, the front and rear wing was also updated for better stability.


The new chassis that was unveiled will be used by team drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean and hopes to place higher than last year's fourth place in the Constructor's championship. The team thinks that maintaining last season's driver lineup is an advantage since re-fitting of seats, pedals, steering wheel and other components can be skipped, rapport between drivers and engineers need not be re-established too.

McLaren and Ferrari will be unveiling their own F1 cars on Thursday and Friday respectively.

You can watch the replay of the launch here: