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Marussia reveals MR02 car for the 2013 F1 season


Marussia just launched the MR02 which is considered by the team as its most successful F1 car yet since they started competing three years ago. The car was born out of progressive development during the latter part of the last season.

Improvements were made on the chassis which has been redesigned to accommodate certain components like the newly installed KERS and is powered by Cosworth's CA2013K power unit and has an improved version of last season's gearbox.

Aerodynamic qualities of the car was also improved by the help of extensive computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing as opposed to a solely CFD based tests on the MR01. This resulted to a better air flow over the rear of the car which is made evident by the new side pod design and a more aggressive Coanda-style exhaust.

"We are confident that the MR02 is the product of evolving elements of last year's package whilst integrating the new KERS system. It was said many times during 2012 that, notwithstanding the impressive steps we were taking in other areas of our development, KERS - or the lack of it - was the defining factor in determining our position relative to our immediate competitors. KERS was however a 'strategic omission' from our package until now; we opted to place the emphasis on aerodynamics, so that when we were in a position to bring the system to the car, we already had the strongest possible basis and its integration would be relatively straightforward." said John Booth, Team Principal, Marussia F1 Team

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