Special Maserati track car limited to 62 units

Maserati is taking the MC20's performance to a new level.

Enter Project 24 – the track-only version of the newest Maserati supercar, the MC20. Limited to only 62 units, the Project 24 sports a wild, sharp-edged design to complement its performance.

Maserati Project 24 is an MC20 for the track image

Maserati will give Project 24 a carbon-fiber monocoque and based on the rendered images, there are some extreme aerodynamic solutions designed to maximize the potential of the MC20 chassis, such as its shark fin engine cover, an aggressive front splitter, a huge rear wing at the back, and a diffuser to make the car stick to the ground.

While Project 24 has the same Nettuno 3.0-liter V6 as the road-going MC20 hypercar, power has been turned up to 740 PS. The eight-speed dual-clutch transmission of the road car has been swapped for a six-speed sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters. Meanwhile, the electronic LSD of the MC20 was replaced with a mechanical unit that's more suited for racing purposes.

Maserati Project 24 is an MC20 for the track image

With the brand's newfound obsession with lightness, Maserati is targeting Project 24's weight to be well below 1,250 kg, which will allow it to have a power-to-weight ratio of around 1.69 kg/hp. The brand looks to achieve that while fitting Project 24 with the necessary FIA race safety requirements such as an onboard fire extinguishing unit, homologated fuel tanks, and of course, a safety roll cage.

In addition, Maserati will also equip Project 24 with usual GT3-spec components such as onboard air jacks, telemetry recording, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Once it's complete, we won't be surprised if the Maserati Project 24 makes its way to customer racing series such as the GT World Challenge, or even the World Endurance Championship where it could go toe-to-toe with Ferrari's newest challenger, the 296.