McLaren GT recently announced that they will compete in the 2015 Le Mans endurance race with two 650S GT3s. The designated drivers will be in full McLaren GT works and will be running alongside a Pro-Am customer partnership that is also managed by McLaren GT.

Development of the 650 GT3 cars ran in parallel with the competitive run of the 12C GT3 cars throughout 2014, providing beneficial data needed by the 650 GT3 race cars. The simultaneous progress between the 2 cars also enabled the team to set up a stringent schedule that focused on constant improvements being made in every stage.

All of the drivers helped develop the GT3 cars and provided necessary inputs that accordingly sets the GT3 cars right. British driver Rob Bell recently finished 3rd in the Asian GT series while also claiming a few podium finishes with the 650S Sprint as it debuted at Donington Park. French driver Kevin Estre just finished a full racing year with McLaren GT and it involved him winning back-to-back podiums in the Blancpain Endurance Series and a commanding lead at the highlight of the German VLN Endurance Series. The last of the drivers, Portuguese Alvaro Parente also won a victory at the opening round of the Blancpain Endurance Series at Monza with the 12C GT3.

The #59 650S GT3 finished in orange, white and black livery will be driven by Bell, Estre and Parente while the #60 650S GT3 covered in a silver, white and red livery will be driven by Pro-Am duo Peter Kox and Nico Pronk.