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McLaren Racing appoints Eric Boullier as Racing Director


McLaren Racing has appointed Eric Boullier as its new Racing Director as part of a major management 'shakeup' at McLaren Group. Boullier will report to a yet to be named CEO of McLaren Racing, a new position created as part of the many organizational changes.

Newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Neale (formerly Managing Director) will temporarily act as CEO until the position is filled. The new CEO will report to McLaren Group Chairman and CEO Ron Dennis.

Boullier is considered one of the most capable trackside leaders in Formula 1. The Frenchman’s recent stint with Lotus F1 brought tremendous success to the team despite their financial woes. His extensive single-seater motorsport experience is also attributed to senior positions at the A1 Grand Prix and World Series by Nissan (now World Series by Renault).

“First of all, I regard this appointment as an honor, a privilege and a wonderful opportunity. The McLaren Racing workforce and the facilities at the McLaren Technology Centre are world-class, and I’m hugely excited about the prospect of joining such an outstanding team,” said Boullier.

The ‘shakeup’ comes after a disappointing 2013 season which led to Chairman Ron Dennis reassuming the CEO post recently.

“Eric’s appointment is an integral part of a senior management restructure within McLaren Racing. I’ve already personally conveyed to the entire workforce of the McLaren Group, which includes McLaren Racing, the values, principles and mindset that I intend us all to adopt, going forward. My intention is that from now on everyone at McLaren Racing will understand their responsibilities and accountabilities, focusing on their specific areas of expertise, in keeping with those values, principles and mindset,” said Dennis.

“I’m both eager and determined to play an active part, working alongside McLaren Racing’s other senior managers and directors, within a new operational structure, to bring about the changes that will deliver success,” added Boullier.

Dennis also shared that once the restructured senior management team has been put in place, the team is expected to march back to its full competitive nature.

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