As part of the program for the 24-hour race on 19th May 2013, Mercedes-Benz will put on a special event highlight for fans at the Nürburgring. A high-performance demonstration with four Mercedes-AMG vehicles will go up against Michael Schumacher in a Formula 1 Silver Arrow.

The vehicles will start at different times in front of the Mercedes-Benz grandstand but will cross the finish line simultaneously. The Mercedes-AMGs will be driven by: Formula 1 star Nico Rosberg, DTM record-breaking champion Bernd Schneider, ex-Formula 1 and DTM driver Karl Wendlinger and by the official driver of the Formula 1 Safety Car Bernd Mayländer.

The first vehicle to go out on track will be an A 45 AMG driven by Bernd Mayländer, followed by: Karl Wendlinger in the E 63 AMG S, Nico Rosberg in the SLS AMG Black Series, and Bernd Schneider in an SLS AMG GT3.

Nico Rosberg: “It will be interesting to see how long Michael can delay starting before catching up with us at the finish.”

Finally, Michael Schumacher will set off in a Formula 1 Silver Arrow on the 20.832km lap around the Nordschleife (excluding grand prix circuit). On this special occasion, the Formula 1 record world champion will be the first driver to cover the Nordschleife in a state-of-the-art Silver Arrow since Juan Manuel Fangio in 1954.

“This Mercedes AMG Performance Drive will be simply great, affording spectators at the 24-hour race a really top-class spectacle. Driving around the Nordschleife in a Formula 1 car will be an unforgettable experience both for me and for the motor racing fans.” said Michael Schumacher.