Mercedes-Benz F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg recently won the Constructors' title for Mercedes-Benz at the Russian Grand Prix in the Sochi Autodrom last October 12, 2014 . Hamilton won the race while Rosberg came secondafter recovering from an error wherein he overtook his teammate and had to brake hard in the next turn, ruining his tires.

“It was a good day and an amazing weekend. Firstly I’m so proud to have contributed to the work of this great team, to get the first Constructors’ Championship for Mercedes-Benz is a huge achievement. Massive congratulations to the guys back in the UK and Germany, it’s history for us,” said Hamilton.

For Rosberg, the race was a tough one as he had to climb his way back up grid after going for an early pitstop in lap 1.

“Today was a really tough race for me. I just messed up in the first corner. I simply braked too late, which was unnecessary. So I flat spotted my front tires and it was impossible to continue due to the vibrations. I had to pit, and on the prime tyre I had great pace. In the middle of the race I thought the degradation would start to increase. But very soon it was stable and I was able to push a lot,” said Rosberg.

Roseberg ruining his tires

Finishing in 3rd, 4th and 5th were also Mercedes-Benz cars; Valterri Botas of Williams-Mercedes and McLaren-Mercedes drivers Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen.

The victory proved to be a milestone for both brand and driver. It has been 120 years since Mercedes-Benz has won a Constructors' title at a motorsport event and Lewis Hamilton's 31 wins equals to that of Nigel Mansell, the only British racing driver to also hold a record of 31 wins.

Hamilton's win in Sochi advances his lead in the drivers' standings to 291 points while his teammate Rosberg is trailing behind by 274 points. Placed at 3rd is Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing-Renault with 199 points, at 4th is Vatteri Bottas with 145 points and at 5th is Sebastian Vettel with 143 points, also from Red Bull Racing-Renault.