Pitstops can easily make or break a race. A quick one can help you gain valuable track position, while a slow one will surely cost you. During the recently concluded 2019 Chinese Grand Prix, you could say that the Petronas Mercedes-AMG F1 pit crew was a well-oiled machine on race day.

So what makes this pitstop so special? After all, so many teams out there can change tires on a car in about 2.5 seconds these days. What they did that day was one of the biggest pit gambles seen in modern times as they pulled off what's called a double-stack stop with absolute precision.

But first of all, what is a double-stack stop? That's when two cars from the same team simultaneously enter the pits. It's risky in a sense that it could force one car to wait in line until the first car finishes. As we know, more time in pit lane means a greater chance of tumbling down the order. So when you watch Mercedes' pitstop from the most recent race weekend, you can appreciate and be even more amazed at how they did it. Check it out below.

And just like that, both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas get a fresh of tires in less than ten seconds. Hamilton would later lead yet another Mercedes-AMG 1-2 finish in the 1,000th Formula 1 race, clearing Bottas by over six seconds. The winning team was virtually untouchable that day, and the drivers can thank their pit crew for being part of the solid performance.