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Report: Michelin pushing for Formula 1 comeback


In a recent interview for Autosprint, an Italian publication, Michelin Motorsport director Pascal Couasnon said they are open to a Formula 1 comeback if certain conditions are applied. "Formula one needs to change the technical regulations -- the tire must again be a technical object rather than a tool for a spectacular show," said Couasnon.

At the moment, Michelin is involved in sports car racing, rallying and Formula E. F1 is considering changes in their regulations for 2017 as the current Pirellis have been criticized for their tire degradation and performance.

Couasnon stated one of their conditions for an F1 return. "We want 18-inch tyres that we will use in Formula E, and soon in other series. If Formula 1 takes our proposals into account, then we are prepared and we have a strong will to return.” said Couasnon. He also added "If things stay as they are, we are not interested. So we will submit our application, then it's up to (Bernie) Ecclestone and the FIA whether they accept or not."

The motorsport director stated that they are not interested is waging a tire war with Pirelli. Instead, they would like to re-enter the sport and eventually become the sole tire supplier for the teams.

Pascal Couasnon ended the interview with this. " (F1 tires) should have a stable performance and grip level. It is not normal for drivers to say after a few laps 'I have to slow down to save the tires' ”

"Today Formula One drivers cannot show their talent because the tires do not allow it.”

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