Mick Schumacher is quickly making a name for himself in the world of motorsport. But some are saying he only got this far because of that legendary last name. Perhaps his latest achievement should silence the naysayers. That's because Schumacher is this year's Formula 2 Champion.

The young German clinched the title in the dramatic season finale. He beat fellow Ferrari junior driver Callum Illott by only 14 points. At one point in thee race, it even seemed that Schumacher's championship hopes slipped through his fingers following an error early in the second heat.

Schumacher nearly handed the crown to Illott after he locked up his brakes on the first lap. Because of that, the Prema driver needed to pit to quell the vibrations caused by the flat-spotted tires. However, fate and destiny were on Schumacher's side with Illott's car losing pace towards the finish. Despite finishing the final race of the year in a lowly 18th place, Illott's 10th place finish was enough for Schumacher to hang on to the points lead and title.

Mick Schumacher

Helping Schumacher clinch the title is his performance from the first heat. He finished sixth during that race, one place behind eventual runner-up Illott. Schumacher also had a string of consistent races before the finale, never finishing outside the points for 15 races in a row.

“Bringing a championship title with you on your CV into F1, that is great. I had one in (European) F3 and now I have one in F2 as well – one of the top championships to compete in. To win against the great competition – Dan Ticktum in F3 and now Callum Ilott in F2, who I know very well from the FDA - has been a great challenge. The better the competition, the more you develop as a driver. I will carry everything through to F1,” said Schumacher.

With Schumacher joining HAAS next season in Formula 1, expectations are riding high on the 2020 F2 champion. With two junior Formula titles under his belt, we think Mick Schumacher proves that he is worthy of that Formula 1 seat.