We don’t particularly think that Millennials take up a sizeable audience for NASCAR these days. Considering most people of this generation are stuck behind their computer screens and not out enjoying the carnage, drama, and competitive nature of Stock Car Racing, NASCAR probably needs to change things up to draw this particular audience.

And while we can get into changing up their marketing strategy for the sport, Busch Beer instead pokes fun at this and takes matters into their own hands.

Millenials, this special NASCAR livery is dedicated to you image

You see, Busch Beer declared last year that if their driver, Kevin Harvick, does not win at last year’s season-ender race in Miami, he will be running a ‘Millennial-inspired livery’ sponsored by the team for one Cup Series race this year. Well, Harvick finished third for that race – and Busch Beer keeps true to their promise by draping their car in various Millennial slang and logos.

Harvick, who is 42 this year, is clearly not a Millennial but will debut at NASCAR’s all-star race this weekend with pink paint and emoji-laden, slang-filled quarter panels.

While we’re not sure if this livery alone is enough to attract the younger generation towards watching The Art of Turning Left, we have to hand it to NASCAR and the teams that participate for not taking themselves too seriously. I mean, you can only imagine what that livery would look like on an F1 car, right?